My school district is hosting TechFest 2013, an edtech conference put on by the GUHSD staff for the staff. Conveniently, it’s even being hosted on my campus.

I’m presenting on a project that has been met with enthusiasm by students called The Golden Moment Project. It involves music and math, specifically the golden ratio.

I’m also presenting on Desmos, the new online graphing calculator that is turning heads in many a math class. The slides below were put together by the talented Kristen Fouss and altered slightly.  It is geared for newbies. I’ve been a TI fan since the mid ’90s. I’ve recently become a fan of the Casio. But, after meeting Desmos, I’m starting to play favorites.

3 thoughts on “TechFest13

  1. I like this idea of a golden movement. Based on your experience, do many songs have this? I just tried it with a bunch and maybe half did. One could argue that this is just coincidence.

  2. I’m with you. I’d say I get about the same ratio. Whether it be coincidence or not (which does come up from students), they like it and chase after the math. This article by Prof. Keith Devlin adds to the golden ratio conspiracy:
    Perhaps the activity should be changed to “Provide an argument and back it up with data to either support or refute the statement that most songs have a golden moment in them.” Food for thought. Thanks for the comment.

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